Gappiya Thinking

20: How to make decisions (තීරණ ගන්න හැටි)

July 29, 2023 Gappiya Season 1 Episode 20
Gappiya Thinking
20: How to make decisions (තීරණ ගන්න හැටි)
Show Notes

In this insightful episode, we delve into the art of decision-making, exploring effective frameworks like the List Method (Pros and Cons) and the 5 W's Framework. Understand the decision-making process, recognise cognitive biases, and harness the power of self-awareness to make well-informed choices. 

Discover how listing pros and cons can visually clarify options, while the 5 W's Framework systematically analyses decisions. Remember, there is no right or wrong decision; focus on making the best choice based on available information and embrace the journey of growth and learning.

0:00 Intro

01:06 Cognitive biases and their influence on decision-making

07:54 Decision-making frameworks

09:16 Pros and cons (list) method

15:05 Five “W” method

27:31 Truth of decision-making

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